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How gift of animals can help lift families out of poverty

Emerithe Nyirabambari’s story is heartbreaking, but among the millions of Rwandans who are poor today, her story is not unique. Nyirabambari is 24 years old and a resident of Ruhango sector in Ruhango district reveals that Red Cross donated to her a pig along with other vulnerable residents. Emeritha Nyirabambari’s life changed from a sex […]

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Ruhango: Ingurube yorojwe yatumye asezera ubusambanyi

Umubyeyi worojwe ingurube

Umubyeyi Emeritha Nyirabambari, utuye mu murenge wa Ruhango, arishimira ingurube yorojwe, kuko yamuvanye mu bishuko bibi by’ubusambanyi, akaba asigaye yitunze. Nyirabambari atuye mu kagari ka Buhoro umurenge wa Ruhango, akarere ka Ruhango, avuga ko yahoze afite ubuzima bubi kubera ubukene. Agashukwa n’abagabo bakamutwara mu busambanyi ngo akunde abone ikimutunga n’abana, ariko byose ntihagire igihinduka, ahubwo […]

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A day in the life a chapatti maker

Mukandoli’s secret is being punctual, honest and clean

Every job leads to social development when done with dedication.  This is the case of Fatima Mukandoli, who ventured into making chapatis every day to earn a living. Mukandoli who has a small studio near Kimironko market, in Kigali city wakes up about 5:00am every day, to prepare her children’s breakfast before leaving for work. […]

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The Pants, for every woman’s closet

Whether you love pants or you are not a fan of them but usually look in your closet for trouser on a day when you don’t feel like having a dress on, we have got you back with the essential parts that should never miss in your wardrobe. Classic Dress Pants Stylish, classy and mature, […]

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Dresses for every woman’s closet

For every woman, even the pants- on- woman or those who love skirts to bits, it is common knowledge that no woman’s wardrobe is ever complete without a dress, and there are certain dresses in my opinion that every woman should own. Dresses are essential for moments you may not even realize like when you […]

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Shocking truths about being a stay-at-home mom

Shocking truths about being a stay-at-home mom

Stay at home parenting is harder than some of us think. In African setting, a woman is supposed to take care of the children, clean, cook and keep everything all together. However, things have changed nowadays. In Rwanda, where gender is well respected, women too work hard for the improvement of their homes, thus reducing […]

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The Skirts, every woman ought to have

For most women, they will either go full on dress or stick to pants and therefore skirts are out of […]

Trendy and fashionable outerwear for the cold weather

It is really cold out here and probably it will be throughout this month, next month and even early 2016 […]

Five important dresses in every woman’s closet

Dresses will always make a central part in every woman’s wardrobe and there will always be that dress that suits […]

Ngororero: Umugore wo mu cyaro ngo yateye intambwe

Abagore bo mu karere ka Ngororero bavuga ko umugore wo mu cyaro atagisuzugurwa kubera leta yabahaye agaciro nabo bakiteza imbere. […]

Rwandan girls ‘discover’ rare plant that’s making them rich

Two Rwandan girls in their mid twenties from Ngoma district in Eastern province have suddenly become millionaires in the strangest […]

How to make inexpensive jewelry look expensive

Some women insist on fine jewelry, and it’s okay when you have got the budget for it. But if your […]