Blonde or brunette neither hair nor there

BLONDES may have more fun, but brunettes are sexier and the kind of girls you’d most want to introduce your to parents, according to a new survey.

The recent study of 1000 Australians looked at the influence of hair care, colour and style on men and women.

Some of the more interesting findings to come out included that 39 per cent of the men and 60 per cent of the women surveyed preferred brown hair.

According to the survey conducted by Australian hair product supplier Head & Shoulders, Aussie blokes believe brunettes make the best lovers (24 per cent) and are the most suitable to introduce to their parents (38 per cent).

Proud Griffith blonde Alana Villata, 20, said despite the findings she’d never consider going dark.

“I love my blonde hair,” she said.

“I think it makes me who I am and sets me apart from a lot of people.

“I don’t think it really matters what colour your hair is. It’s more about personality and morals.

“It matters what is inside. I’ve got a boyfriend, obviously he prefers blondes.”

Local hairdresser Brittney Colloridi said, in her experience, colour didn’t play a big role in influencing relationships.

“It’s not about the colour. It’s who you are as a person,” she said.

“I do think hair is important. It can make you feel more confident in yourself.

“But women change their hair colour all of the time. You could be lighter when you meet someone but go darker later on.”

Ninety-one per cent of the Australians surveyed claimed hair was a key element to a person’s sex appeal.

Women found dirty hair (79 per cent) and dandruff (64 per cent) two of the biggest turn-offs.

Women are also far less likely than men to pursue a relationship if their potential partner turns up with unclean, unhealthy or unkempt hair.

Foxy Locks hairdresser Richard Brewer said he was surprised people were so superficial.

“I’m actually amazed to tell you the truth,” he said.

“I think it’s pretty shallow that hair colour would make such a difference.

“But then again it’s only an opinion. I have found a lot of blondes have been changing to brunette lately but that’s only to disguise their regrowth.”

“I doubt it has anything to do with a survey.”

Frizzy facts

– 39% of men prefer brown hair.

– 60% of women prefer brown hair.

– 24% of men think brunettes make better lovers.

– 36% of men think blondes are more likely to cheat

– 38% of men think brunettes are the most appropriate to introduce to their parents

– 91% of Australians think hair is a key element to a person’s sex appeal

According to a survey conducted by Australian hair product supplier Head & Shoulders

HAIR APPARENT: Griffith girls Brittney Colloridi, 20, and Alana Villata, 20, believe hair colour isn’t as important as a new survey suggests. Picture: Anthony Stipo

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