Britt ’embarrassed’ over DUI charge

CATHERINE Britt’s trip to Newcastle court to face a drink-driving charge started innocently enough.

The award-winning country music singer had enjoyed a few drinks while watching her mates play at the Cambridge Hotel on a Thursday night last month.

The 28-year-old felt confident she was OK to drive at the end of the evening because she had only had one wine an hour over three hours.

A great night out suddenly turned pear-shaped when she was stopped for a random breath test just after midnight on Industrial Drive, Tighes Hill.

She recorded a positive breath test and later recorded a blood alcohol reading of 0.052, just over the legal limit.

‘‘I’ve certainly learnt my lesson through this,’’ Britt, who was stopped a short distance from her home, told the Newcastle Herald on Tuesday night.

‘‘I guess I want to use this as a warning that sticking to one drink an hour doesn’t always apply.’’

She pleaded guilty to low-range drink-driving and will attend the Traffic Offenders Program.

The program provides offenders with the information skills necessary to develop positive attitudes to driving and helps them develop safer driving behaviours.

Britt said she understood many of her young fans would be disappointed in her.

‘‘This is really upsetting for me and I’m incredibly embarrassed and ashamed,’’ she said. ‘‘I’m really speechless that it happened.

‘‘Hopefully my mistake will set an example for other people.’’

Britt will return to court on August 6.

ASHAMED: Catherine Britt was convicted with low-range drink-driving. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

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