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Rwanda : Support for women development seem vital

Women in Murundi sector-Kayonza district have requested for help to enable them attain development as it has been found necessary in comparison to their counterparts. The stirring statement was put forward this April.2012 when some of these women were opening accounts in the Savings and Credit Cooperative (SACCO) in Murundi sector. These women say that […]

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Rwanda : Joining cooperatives gears fast development

Women demonstrating how to prepare balanced diet

 Women and girls in Rubavu district should join cooperatives so as to develop socially and economically, according to Vice Mayor for social affairs Rachel Rusine Nyirasafari. The Vice Mayor said this April 2012 during the event to end “women and girls month” in Nyakiriba district. In Rwanda, women and girls month started on International women’s […]

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Rwanda : Women entrepreneurs- a force behind Rwandas development

  Rwanda has a significant number of women entrepreneurs, who now play a major role in the development of the country especially through their active involvement in Rwanda’s private sector. Women head 42 per cent of enterprises. They comprise 58 per cent of enterprises in the formal sector, which accounts for 30 percent of GDP. […]

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Rwanda : Women in Rwandan politics: the secret behind the countrys development

  Rwanda has been ranked highly in terms of economic development and other aspects including social welfare of its citizens in the past few years. A lot has been said and critics seem not to understand why the development seems to continue unshaken despite many hardships that Rwanda shares with other African countries. It is […]

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Rwanda : House helpers blame female bosses

Housekeepers are mistreated as inferior members in the societies, yet the work they do is more vital to all families. According to the maids and house boys complain that are being treated badly mostly by women bosses. House helpers are most of time undermined in most families in Rwanda because of the nature of the […]

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Rwanda | Muhanga: security Women prove to be vigorous

Rwanda Muhanga security Women

 More young girls join a security cooperative to join their strength with men to create safe area despite complications and cultural background, Muhanga District authority revealed  Women who do night patrols say that it is a job like any other job though other women who are not in this cooperative say this work is not […]

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Rwanda | Rutsiro: Dutabarane cooperative promotes reconciliation

Mukarutesi, a mother of five and a resident from Kivumu sector, Kabujenje cell, Bitare village in Rutsiro district revealed this when she was officially starting “Dutabarane” cooperative in 2006. Dutabarane cooperative is made of genocide survivors, those who helped Mukarutesi to survive and genocide participants. “This became possible because of the human heart I possess […]

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Rwanda | Juru: giving birth in the health centers is their objective

Juru health center

Residents in Juru sector in Bugesera district said that pregnant women made giving birth in health centers their objective. Jeannette Mbabazi a mother who attended antenatal services at Juru health center said that attending antenatal reduces death of children and their mothers who are born at home. She said that there was a sensitization to […]

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Rwanda : I was a walking corpse, a diaspora Genocide Widow says

I was a walking

Immaculée Mukantaganira laying wreath on a US Embassy remembrance stone of its workers killed during the 1994 Genocide of Tutsis Immaculée lost her husband in the terrible massacre of Rwandan Tutsis in 1994, as the US Embassy to Kigali commemorated and honored their 25 workers killed during the mayhem on 12th April 2012; she had […]

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Rwanda | Rural woman earns over 800.000francs per month

The monthly income of Dancilla Mukangerageze is a take away package, that can be earned by just a few, an amount rarely earned by an official sitting in ministerial offices or a doctor who works tirelessly throughout the nights. The 50-year -old Mukangerageze is an ordinary woman in Masoro Village, Rulindo district, Northern Province of […]

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Choose wisely when choosing shoes for work

Flat Shoes

 For women, having the right heels for every occasion and looking majestically beautiful in those heels is a dream, something […]

Dreadlocks, a growing trend in Rwandan women

Her locks are her pride testifies Miriam Kamahinda, a pharmacist

In Rwanda, dreadlocks are perceived as a hairstyle for Rastafarians, a reputation that is surrounded by drugs and crime. However, […]

Fashion items every woman should own

Fashion items every woman should own

It’s common to see pumps, leather jacket and little black dress on the list of basics that every woman should […]

Muhanga: Amakoperative arahindura imyumvire y’abagore mu iterambere.

Muhanga: Amakoperative arahindura imyumvire y’abagore mu iterambere.

Nyuma y’uko bibumbiye muri Koperative jya mbere Munyarwanda, ikora ibijyanye no gutera amarangi mu myenda, abagore bo muri  Cyeza na […]

Gakenke: Kuba umugore ntibimubuza gukora akazi ko gufotora kandi akabonamo inyungu

Bamwe mu bagore usanga hari imyumvire bagifite kubyerekeranye n’akazi aho usanga hari imirimo ifatwa nkaho yakorwa n’abagabo gusa kandi nyamara […]

Ruheru: Bahereye ku giceri cya 100 none ubu bafite uruganda

Ruheru: Bahereye ku giceri cya 100 none ubu bafite uruganda

Abagize koperative Jyambere mubyeyi Ruheru, bo mu murenge wa Ruheru akarere ka Nyaruguru baratangaza ko batangiye babika amafaranga 100 buri […]