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Rwanda : Number of women in district administration rise to 46percent

Rwanda Number of women in district administration

Residents in Ryabega village in Musaza sector in Kirehe district have praised the women position in their local administration which is becoming satisfactory, according to recent statistics. According to Protais Murayire Kirehe district mayor, Kirehe district is one of districts in Rwanda that has improved women position in leadership and social status whereby their role […]

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Rwanda | Women: Warning signs of miscarriage

Warning signs

According to Dr. Norbert Uwiragiye, there are signs that show if a woman has had a miscarriage or is about to. Dr. Uwiragiye reveals that the major signs include pain in the lower abdomen and bleeding in the private parts (reproductive organs). “These symptoms might be severe, mild or worse depending on how the miscarriage […]

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Rwanda : Women decry public holiday for their big occasion

While the world has celebrated International women’s day recently, some women have demanded a free day during the event. One woman who preferred anynormous asserted: “If you have work, you have to do it so the employer does not ask where you have been. But if it’s a celebration day, people go and celebrate.” Mary […]

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Rwanda | Rwamagana: Women/ girls decry rights to property inheritance

Senator Tito Rutaremara addressing on women’s day

  Leaders of National women council in Rwamagana have requested government administrative sectors to explain to men that women also have rights to inheritance.   This was revealed in Rwamagana during the event to celebrate international women’s day. The occasion saw the turn up of Senator Tito Rutaremara and Rwamagana district mayor. This came as […]

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Rwanda | Burega: Six women are given cows

Rwanda Beneficiaries of the six cows

Six women of Burega sector in Rulindo district have been given cows on International women’s day 8th March2012 as one of the ways to help them fight poverty. Beneficiaries of the six cows Deputy Souzanne Mukayijori asked women and girls of Burega sector to be known of courage and work towards development. Deputy Mukayijori promised […]

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Rwanda : Gicumbi district holds a colorful womens day

Rwanda Minister Agnes Binagwaho (with sunglasses) and B. Nyangezi giving mattresses to women

Women after receiving mattresses and iron sheets shelter During the event to celebrate International women’s day, women in Gicumbi district have celebrated their day with success.  One of achievements was said to be “Dusasirane” program that has helped them fight ‘grass thatched beds’ (Ibitanda bya Nyakatsi). Therese Nyirabarita, women’s council representative in Gicumbi says that […]

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Rwanda | Rwanda: Youth praises Gender Equality Law

  Kamonyi district youths are among many Rwandans who are praising the government of Rwanda’s decision to set up the article 10 in the country’s 2003 constitution which states that all ‘Rwandans, male and female are equal before the law’. Jean Claude Maniraho who just completed senior 6 says that “Equality law has led to […]

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Rwanda : Financial problems made her decide to quit school

Financial problems made

  When she failed to get money for school fees, when she was in her senior 4 ten years ago; Alphonsine Ntakirutimana decided to start trading with the little she had.  Though she wanted to get money to go on and finish school, she had no option but got herself in trading. She was a […]

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Rwanda : Coffee is dangerous for pregnant women

The dangers of coffee

  Coffee is largely consumed because of its caffeine content that is dubbed useful to the body whereas many take coffee to help them work longer hours without fatigue or dozing. The dangers of coffee Meanwhile, health experts claim that consuming coffee is unhealthy for expectant mothers and their unborn child. Dr. Fred Muhairwe of […]

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Rwanda | Pregnant women need more calcium

Rwanda : Women attending discussions about health at the clinic

According to research about eating habits that have been conducted in France, it is good for pregnant women to eat foods rich in calcium since both the mother and the fetus need plenty of it. Women attending discussions about health at the clinic Dr. Fred Muhairwe of the Byumba Hospital says, calcium regulates the flow […]

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How massive strides in health sector have helped Rwanda fight maternal mortality

KIGALI, Rwanda, July 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – In Nyamata, a rural town of Bugesera district, a 30 minutes’ drive south of Rwanda’s Capital - Kigali, Jeanne […]

Tips for mothers of the bride and groom

Sometimes, parents too feel the pressure when it comes to organizing their children’s weddings. But as parents, there is a […]

Expelled, abused and looted by the Tanzanian Govt., Rwandan families begin adjusting to life back home.

Expelled, abused and looted by the Tanzanian Govt., Rwandan families begin adjusting to life back home.

Odette Bayagambe, 39, had always considered Tanzania her home, until the afternoon of August 9, 2013 when Tanzanian security operatives […]

Abagore barasabwa kwitabira ibikorwa by’iterambere ariko batarangaranye ingo zabo

Ba rwiyemezamirimo b’abagore barahamagarirwa kwitabira ibikorwa n’imishinga y’iterambere ariko bakanagenera umwanya ingo zabo no kwita ku mibanire myiza n’abo bashakanye […]

Why Rwanda may be the best place to have a baby

img (2)

BUGESERA-RWANDA—In Nyamata, a village town of Bugesera district, a 30 minutes’ drive south of Rwanda’s Capital City, Kigali, Jeanne Musabende’s […]

Bugesera: abagore bamaze kugera kuri byinshi babikesha umugoroba w’ababyeyi

Bamwe mu bagore bo mu karere ka Bugesera baravuga ko hari byinshi bamaze kugeraho mu ngo zabo birimo nk’imibanire myiza […]