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Rwanda | Rulindo: WIF continues to support rural women

WIF continues to support rural women

Women in Women Investment Fund (WIF) in Bushoki sector in Rulindo district say that joining this association has been the greatest achievement so far in their lives. Most of these women were lonely and in utter helplessness before joining WIF but now they provide each other with company and get to think of ways to […]

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Rwanda | Burera: District raise in the fight against women illiteracy

Burera district has pledged to set up a small public library in every sector in 2012-2013 performance contracts. This strategy is intended to eradicate illiteracy and promote education, since the biggest part of Burera district is rural. This follows February 2012’s visit of Minister of Education, Dr. Vincent Biruta who said that sectors that will […]

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Rwanda | RUSIZI: poor people supported during closure of rural women’s day

Rwanda | RUSIZI poor people supported

As the theme of the village women’s day says “mugore womucyaro iteze imbere wiheshe agaciro”, meaning ”rural women develop and give yourself dignity” ,in the sector of Kamembe  in Rusizi district this day was celebrated in kakamurera village. This day was carried out by people clothing other women who cannot help themselves financially were fellow […]

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Rwanda | Nyamasheke: The best woman in promoting development to be rewarded

The best woman in promoting

While celebrating the International Rural women’s day, Nyamasheke district thanked Solange Ingabire who was the best in creating things that lead to development and this lady will be rewarded with Rwf 200,000 that was put by the National committee for women. This woman was thanked during the celebrations of the day on 15th/10/2012 in Nyamasheke […]

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Rwanda : International rural women’s day celebrated in Ngoma

The International rural women’s day was celebrated in Rulindo on the 15th/10/2012, and ended with great new things.

  During the celebrations women were rewarded where one of them who got a cow and gumboots that she will be putting on while rearing her cow. Again many fruit seeds were given out in this sector. Caritas Mukakamari one of the women that were at the celebration from Shyorongi sector, kijabagwe cell was the […]

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Rwanda : Huye District launches Parent’s evening programme

Huye District launches Parent’s evening programme

The celebrations of the International Rural Woman’s day were combined with launching a parent’s evening program in Southern Province of Rwanda which was celebrated in Magonde village in Huye sector in Huye village on the 15th.Oct.2012. The initiated parents’ evening program is meant to discuss the problems faced in the village, discussing them while solving […]

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Rwanda : Nyaruguru district celebrates International Rural Women’s Day in Nyagisozi Sector

The atmosphere was that of jubilation as Monday saw over 500 women, men and children packing the Nyagisozi sector’s premises in Nyaruguru district, Southern Rwanda, to celebrate the International Rural Women’s Day. Different woman dance troops showcased a number of traditional songs, highlighting their pleasure for Rwanda’s constitution to have ensured that 30 per cent […]

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Rwanda | Nyamagabe: cooperatives get cows as they celebrate rural woman’s day

cooperatives get cows as

Cooperatives with the majority women were given cows in a way of developing rural women during the celebrations of the International Day for Rural Woman on this Monday the 15th.Oct.2012. About 36 cows were given out to support the women by the Women Network that fight for the development of the rural women (réseau des […]

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Rwanda : Muhanga district celebrates girl child day as one girl testifies her heroic life

  Nyiracumi was impregnated at a young age of 19 years during her secondary school, after the man who made her pregnant denied her pregnancy and her family turned their back on her she moved on with her life and developed herself. Nyiracumi a resident of Muhanga district told her life story on the 11th.Oct.2012 […]

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Rwanda : Nubwo yatewe inda akiri umwana bakanamwihakana yarabirenze yiteza imbere

Nubwo yatewe inda

Kuri ubu Nyiracumi wo mu karere ka Muhanga ni umukobwa watewe inda akiga mu mashuri yisumbuye, ubwo yari afite imyaka 19. Nyuma y’uko uwamuteye inda n’umuryango we bamutereranye yahisemo kubirenga akiteza imbere. Ibi akaba yabitangaje kuri iyi tariki ya 10/11/2012, ubwo mu Rwanda ndetse no ku isi yose bizihizaga umunsi wahariwe umwana w’umukobwa. Hari mu […]

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Pieces to wake up your work wardrobe

Pieces to wake up your work wardrobe

Do you ever feel like you are in a bit of a rut when it comes to getting dressed for work? […]

Household chores you should do every day

Make the bed

Getting out of bed in the morning is tough. Making the bed after you get out of it is totally […]

How to wear your flat shoes gorgeously

Although it is true that shoes with heels are often a bit more elegant and can be flattering for your […]

Umugore yafatanywe ibiro 30 by’urumogi mu gihe Polisi y’u Rwanda ikomeje ubukangurambaga bwo kurwanya ibyaha

Umugore ucyekwa gukwirakwiza  ibiyobyabwenge mu gihugu yafatiwe mu karere ka Rubavu ku itariki 26 Kamena ahagana saa kumi n’ebyiri za […]

Biyemeje kurwanya ingengabitekerezo ya Jenoside bahereye ku ishyiga

Hano abana bashyiraga indabo ku rwibutso rwa Jenoside rwa Rugarama

Abagore bo mu Karere ka Burera batangaza ko biyemeje kurwanya ingengabitekerezo ya Jenoside bahereye ku ishyiga, batoza abana gukora icyiza. […]

Abagore baributswa ko ari bo mbarutso y’amajyambere

Abagore bagize Inteko rusange bunguranye ibitecyerezo ku cyatuma barushaho gutera imbere

Abagore bo mu Karere ka Gatsibo bahagarariye abandi, bibukijwe ko ari bo mbarutso y’amajyambere bityo ko guhabwa agaciro bitavuze kwirengagiza […]