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Rwanda | The 1994 genocide Women survivors in Nyamasheke paid respect

Rwanda | The 1994 genocide

The national women council in Karengera has in an ongoing commemorations remembered women victims of the genocide against Tutsi in April 1994 in Rwanda. Scholastique MUKARUGABA, a genocide survivor, in her testimony said we have the hope of the future because we have united Rwandans and who a help heart, though she has lost all […]

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Rwanda | Journey of a Rwandan woman taking on male jobs

Rwanda | Journey of a Rwandan

It is not common in Africa society to find a woman doing a job that is meant for men especially in the rural areas of Rwanda. For Odette Nizeyimana, 22years old, a resident of Kinobo sector, Nyabihu district, Northern Province of Rwanda, has transcended this concept of African culture. At the age of 14, Odette […]

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Rwanda | Women with Diabetes need be cautious on pregnancy

Rwanda | Women with Diabetes

Women with diabetes should always be careful and avoid getting pregnant as it has bad effects on the unborn child, according to Chrispin Gishoma the coordinator of the association for diabetic patients in Kigali city. He said that diabetes has 3 types and explained that pregnant women usually get affected by the 2nd type of […]

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Rwanda | Nyamasheke: Craft making declared good source of income

Craft making declared 3

Basket maker Venantie Uwimbabazi, a resident of Kirimbi sector in Nyamasheke district has revealed that craft making and tailoring has earned her great success. Uwimbabazi narrates: “I had no property when I started basket making in 1986, but now I have built a house we live in, a business house in the trading centre, pay […]

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Rwanda | How to reduce nausea in pregnant women

Rwanda | How to reduce nausea

According to the researcher Laurent Chevalier, between 50 and 80% of pregnant women suffer from nausea and dizziness. He went on to give suggestions on how to reduce them without using medications. One of these is to eat food that one likes especially vegetables and fruits.   Another way is to eat little food very […]

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Rwanda : Rwanda army renovates house for a genocide survivor

Among the recent activities involved Rwanda soldiers in Tumba sector in Huye district was to rebuild the house of Marcella Mukamusoni a 42 year old genocide survivor which she had spent 5 years living but in poor condition. As Mukamusoni explained, this house was leaking to the extent that floods could run through and this […]

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Rwanda : Support for women development seem vital

Women in Murundi sector-Kayonza district have requested for help to enable them attain development as it has been found necessary in comparison to their counterparts. The stirring statement was put forward this April.2012 when some of these women were opening accounts in the Savings and Credit Cooperative (SACCO) in Murundi sector. These women say that […]

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Rwanda : Joining cooperatives gears fast development

Women demonstrating how to prepare balanced diet

 Women and girls in Rubavu district should join cooperatives so as to develop socially and economically, according to Vice Mayor for social affairs Rachel Rusine Nyirasafari. The Vice Mayor said this April 2012 during the event to end “women and girls month” in Nyakiriba district. In Rwanda, women and girls month started on International women’s […]

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Rwanda : Women entrepreneurs- a force behind Rwandas development

  Rwanda has a significant number of women entrepreneurs, who now play a major role in the development of the country especially through their active involvement in Rwanda’s private sector. Women head 42 per cent of enterprises. They comprise 58 per cent of enterprises in the formal sector, which accounts for 30 percent of GDP. […]

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Rwanda : Women in Rwandan politics: the secret behind the countrys development

  Rwanda has been ranked highly in terms of economic development and other aspects including social welfare of its citizens in the past few years. A lot has been said and critics seem not to understand why the development seems to continue unshaken despite many hardships that Rwanda shares with other African countries. It is […]

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How to choose a perfect and well-fitting bra

How to choose a perfect and well-fitting bra

  A bra that fits well does not just make you confident and look good, it will also make you […]

Kamonyi: Victims of sexual violence commend SEVOTA for improving their lives

Beneficiaries of SEVOTA, a solidarity for the fulfillment of the widows and orphans towards work and self-promotion commended it for […]

Gakenke: Ubusizi bw’imivugo butuma agenda abona akazi gatandukanye

Ubusizi bw’imivugo butuma agenda abona akazi gatandukanye

Violette Uwamariya  wavutse kuwa 05/10/1990 akavukira mu karere ka Musanze mu murenge wa Remera,  niumwe mu bakobwa b’abasizi kandi bazi […]

Kamonyi: Nyuma y’imyaka 20 barokotse jenoside, SEVOTA ya bafashije kwakira ibyababayeho

Nyuma y’imyaka 20 barokotse jenoside, SEVOTA ya bafashije kwakira ibyababayeho

Abagore bahuye n’ibibazo byo gufatwa ku ngufu mu gihe cya jenoside yakorewe abatutsi, barishimira intambwe bateye mu kwakira ibyababayeho no […]

Rutsiro: Abakoraga umwuga w’uburaya ngo babayeho neza kurusha mbere bakibukora.

Abakoraga umwuga w’uburaya ngo babayeho neza kurusha mbere bakibukora.

Nk’uko bitangazwa n’abakoraga umwuga w’uburaya bo mu karere ka Rutsiro ngo ubu nibwo bafite ubuzima bwiza kurusha mbere bagikora uwo […]

Kirehe: Abagore barashimira Perezida wa Repuburika icyizere yabagiriye

Abagore bahagarariye abandi mu mirenge yose igize akarere ka Kirehe basinyiye imihigo imbere y’ubuyobozi bw’akarere tariki 05/01/2015 biyemeza guteza igihugu […]