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Rwanda : I was a walking corpse, a diaspora Genocide Widow says

I was a walking

Immaculée Mukantaganira laying wreath on a US Embassy remembrance stone of its workers killed during the 1994 Genocide of Tutsis Immaculée lost her husband in the terrible massacre of Rwandan Tutsis in 1994, as the US Embassy to Kigali commemorated and honored their 25 workers killed during the mayhem on 12th April 2012; she had […]

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Rwanda | Rural woman earns over 800.000francs per month

The monthly income of Dancilla Mukangerageze is a take away package, that can be earned by just a few, an amount rarely earned by an official sitting in ministerial offices or a doctor who works tirelessly throughout the nights. The 50-year -old Mukangerageze is an ordinary woman in Masoro Village, Rulindo district, Northern Province of […]

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Rwanda | Lack of balanced diet affects mother, child

Pregnant women in Gicumbi district in the Northern Province are being called upon to eat well because this has an effect on the health of the unborn child. According to the discussion with Dr. Fred Muhairwe the head of Byumba Hospital said that malnutrition of a pregnant woman has negative effects to the brain of […]

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Rwanda | Ngoma: men desert their wives

Five men left there lawfully married women and children in Mutenderi sector and took other women to settle in other provinces of Rwanda, it is reported. All these men and women disappeared in not more than one week and people are wondering because it has never happened before. However it is said that these people […]

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Rwanda: illegal marriage cause family conflicts

Hakuzimana Vianney and Uzamukunda Beatrice

While the government sensitize people to marry and get married legally, those who married before the law are happy and those who didn’t are having their own share of family conflicts. Vianney Hakuzimana and Beatrice Uzamukunda have been married illegally with two children and other two from outside the wedlock. Conflicts are hot where each […]

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Rwanda | Nyamasheke: Confidence made her victorious

Rwanda Marie Florentine Hategekimana

 Knowing that she is capable of the best is the driving factor that made Marie Florentine Hategekimana to pass well in all her studies and be rewarded by Imbuto Foundation. She was given the award for being the best girl student in the National Examinations three times and that is in Primary, O’ levels and […]

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Rwanda : A woman with a waist of about 97 cm is at a risk

A woman with a

  Women are advised to watch their weight and especially the waist fat and never to exceed 94 cm because they might risk having diabetes, according to Dr. Alfred Rutagengwa the director of ADEPR Hospital in Nyamata.   “Though diabetes can be caused by many different things, too much waist fat can trigger it” he […]

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Rwanda | Women urged to use every opportunity for development

 Rwandan women particularly Muslim in particular should seat and utilise chances they were given by the government, according to Eastern Province Governor Odette Uwamariya. This was said in the function to celebrate women’s day that was held in Rwamagana on the 27th.March.2012 where Muslim women showed some of the projects they have already done enough […]

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Rwanda | ASOFERWA to develop poor women

Poor women in Muhanga district have been asked to work very hard and get out of the level they are in because it is shameful. This was asked by ASOFERWA the Rwanda women association, the NGO that works in Rwanda. This they were asked on the 27th.March.2012 during the training that was prepared for these […]

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Rwanda : She wanted to be a guardian angel but failed

Umurerwa neighbors

Philomena Umurerwa is a resident in Nyarusange village and the executive secretary of Nyamagana cell in Ruhango district took a child from the streets to bring up as her own but the child failed her. The child by names of Jeannine Gisubizo (10) who was shabby and hungry on the streets was brought home and […]

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Musanze:  Ngo abagore  barushaho gukundwa no kugira ijambo iyo babyaye abahungu

Abagore bava mu Murenge uhana imbibi n’ibirunga twaganiriye batubwiye ko iyo babyaye abahungu usanga ari byishimo bikomeye mu rugo. Ikigeretseho, […]

Urumuri Women Club educating girls on HIV/AIDS prevention

Urumuri Women Club educating girls on HIV AIDS prevention

Mothers in ‘Urumuri women Club’ have initiated an awareness campaign that is meant to advice young girls how to prevent […]

Protect your child from cold and flu this season

Protect your child from cold and flu this season

While many people are looking forward to the festive season around the corner, for mothers’ it is worrying period that […]

Kayonza: Women hail associations for social development

Women in Mburabuturo cell, Mukarange sector of Kayonza district have commended forming associations for changing their mindset and improving livelihoods. […]

Umugore wo mu cyaro agenda atera imbere ariko hari abakibangamiwe n’abagabo

Bamwe mu bagore bo mu karere ka Kayonza bemeza ko umugore wo mu cyaro agenda atera imbere haba mu bukungu […]

Meet Mukeshimana the proud seller of flour

Meet Mukeshimana the proud seller of flour

For most women in Rwandan society, it is not easy to spend a day covered in flour, armed with her […]