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Rwanda: Women researchers can be a solution to poverty reduction

Women researchers can be

Increasing women’s capacity is the best way to poverty reduction, according to Dr. Solange Uwituze, the Director of Agricultural Department in the National University of Rwanda during the conference to encourage women in Science studies in the Branch of Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB). Dr. Uwituze explained to these students that usually women do hectic kind […]

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Rwanda : Women show more interest in joining police

More women have shown interest in joining the police force at cadet training

  This year more women have shown interest in joining the police at the cadet level in the latest recruitments the force is doing. During the September 2012 two day entry exams for civilian applicants willing to join cadet course scheduled to begin in early October this year, 25 percent of the 415 applicants were […]

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Rwanda: The best earrings according to your face

The type of the earrings worn in Rwanda make most women look amazing and gorgeous but sometime messed up due to lacking basic rules on sweet able styles for an individual. Once you know these basics, stick with them, and you will ensure you always look your best. The following is the best earring look […]

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Rwanda: Stylish Low Heels for work, best way to treat your feet

Stylish Low Heels for work 1

Ever felt like every low heel is frumpy and boring yet you don’t feel comfortable in high heels but desire sexy, fashionable fun shoes? Fashionable fun shoes exist without sky-high heels and the following are some of those heels. A very flattering and classic style with an almond-shaped toe and slender  heel, incredibly versatile and […]

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Rwanda: the stylish ways to wear Maxi skirts

the stylish ways to wear Maxi

With the reemergence of maxi skirt trend in women fashion scene, it has become very interesting as every woman has the chance to wear an attire that flatters her body, whatever type or size it might be. About every woman in Kigali city loves to adorn the beautiful and colorful type and it has proven […]

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Rwanda : Recommendable Foods to eat or avoid during pregnancy

Rwanda | Recommendable Foods

With pregnancy, comes the revelation that you are not just responsible for your own health but also for the growing life inside of you; implying that the choices you make affect both of you. It is a common misconception that pregnant women eat significantly a large amount of food but the truth is that pregnant […]

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Rwanda: Learn some Natural Ways to Deal with Menopause

Rwanda Learn some

Though there is a reason to celebrate menopause as it takes away the annoyances of monthly periods and the worry of getting pregnant and family planning, it is not enough exchanged with hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, insomnia, dry skin, weight gain, vaginal dryness, low sex esteem  and many others which occur mainly due […]

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Rwanda: Sleep well, enhances your beauty and loses weight

Rwanda Sleep well, enhances

Getting a consistent amount of good sleep makes you look good, feel good, and keep you with your ideal weight. Our bodies are governed by a biological clock, and we rely on it for the regulation of our metabolic processes, such as our hormone levels, blood sugar levels, body temperatures, metabolism, immunity and many others. […]

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Rwanda | Ruhango: Abakobwa barasabwa guharanira icyabateza imbere birinda ababashuka

Abana b’abakobwa barasabwa kwiyubakomo icyizere baharanira guteza imbere ejo heza habo,  bitandukanya n’ababata mu bishuko. Ibi babisabwe n’umuyobozi w’akarere ka Ruhango wungirije ushinzwe imibereho myiza y’abaturage tariki ya 27/08/201, ubwo yafunguraga amahugurwa y’iminsi 5 agamije kongerera umwana w’umukobwa ubushobozi bwo kwiyitaho. Aya mahugurwa yitabiriwe n’abakobwa bagera kuri 30, yateguwe n’umuryango w’abakorera bushake PEACE CORPS usanzwe […]

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Rwanda: What to wear with women jeans matters than you can imagine

What to wear with women jeans matters than you can imagine

Investing in the perfect pair of jeans can result in a large number of outfit possibilities. Dressing up your denim with the right tops and accessories can give you wardrobe ideas for work, the weekend and even for a night out.   Check out the following to smarten up your jeans for any occasion. Simplicity is […]

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Valentine’s day is here, it’s  the time to smell love in the air

Popularly known as Valentine’s Day— derived from the sketchy detailed story of a Roman priest, Saint valentines, observed by most […]

Nyamasheke: Ibanga ryo gukora cyane ryagize Nyirancuti umukire

Nyiranshuti Cecile

Nyiranshuti Cecile ni umwe mu bagore bavuga ko bamaze kugera kuri byinshi,babikesha gukora cyane, kutitinya no kumenya gukorana n’ibigo by’imari. […]

How to accessorize maxi dresses

How to accessorize maxi dresses

There is nothing that makes one feel well covered as well as classy at any time of the day for […]

First Lady Says Rwanda’s Success Built On Reconciliation

Rwanda’s stability and social cohesion is a result of three clear choices: “Staying together; being accountable; and thinking big. This […]

Tips to make your polish last longer

Tips to make your polish last longer

Well who doesn’t want a perfect nails through the week or even have the pedicure/manicure last longer? With these tips, […]

Would you really take on natural hair over long curls?

Would you really take on natural hair over long curls?

It is a common adage that a woman’s respect is her hair but why would one want to cut it […]