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Rwanda: the stylish ways to wear Maxi skirts

the stylish ways to wear Maxi

With the reemergence of maxi skirt trend in women fashion scene, it has become very interesting as every woman has the chance to wear an attire that flatters her body, whatever type or size it might be. About every woman in Kigali city loves to adorn the beautiful and colorful type and it has proven […]

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Rwanda: What to wear with women jeans matters than you can imagine

What to wear with women jeans matters than you can imagine

Investing in the perfect pair of jeans can result in a large number of outfit possibilities. Dressing up your denim with the right tops and accessories can give you wardrobe ideas for work, the weekend and even for a night out.   Check out the following to smarten up your jeans for any occasion. Simplicity is […]

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Rwanda : Women and their love for black pants

black-pants womens love

Women do have a lot of cloths if someone went into their closets but one that you will not fail to get are the black pants there. This is because of the many advantages these back pants provide for the women even when they are not in their homes say on a visit to a […]

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Rwanda : Ways to dry nail polish fast

When women do their nails, they often want the  vanish to dry up fast. There is nothing as bad as spending almost an hour doing your nails and when you have to reach in to your bag for something and your newly painted nails get scratched. Here is simple  steps to dry up your nails […]

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Rwanda : How to do a home manicure

It was often people with money that they could spend on professional manicure every week. Good news is, you can have an affordable homemade manicure with less hassles comfort. Our nails need cleaning before we can even think of doing the manicure, according to Uwamariya Shamusa,a salon manicurist at kinamba .She adds that one should […]

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Rwanda : How to have Long and Beautiful Nail

How to have Long and Beautiful Nail

Long and beautiful nails are every woman’s dream. We all love having good, looking nails and as we all know nails showcase our hygiene as women and therefore should always be taken care of and should always be looking good. If you want long, beautiful nails here are some tips that will help you have […]

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Rwanda : Boots necessary for any wardrobe

Boots necessary for any wardrobe

I had never thought of how important it is for every woman to have a pair of boots in her wardrobe. When I found out that most women do have these shoes that’s when I had to ask them why the do have them and according to the different sources I got, it seems every […]

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Rwanda : Must haves in every womans bedroom

Must haves in every woman’s bedroom

In a well organized bedroom, there are items that women really need to have though to their husbands they may not even prove a thing at all. Every woman needs to have the following things in her room to make it look womanly and nice as every woman’s wish would be. Here are the things […]

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Rwanda : With this hair moisturizing oil, your hair wont stray

With this hair moisturizing oil, your hair won’t stray

Amongst the many options women use to moisturize their hair, are some that can improve the hair quality and strength, while others will break even the best hair. Before you go for that all well parked hair oil, ofcourse there a lot to consider. According to Mboka Bwana a hair dresser in Remera, whatever hair […]

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Rwanda : Why women fancy high heels

When you see a woman wearing high heeled shoes, the first thing you may think of is how she feels with them. You find that some women love heels and others hate them. We might be falling in the middle here because we all know how much pain they can cause us but we still […]

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How gift of animals can help lift families out of poverty

Emerithe Nyirabambari’s story is heartbreaking, but among the millions of Rwandans who are poor today, her story is not unique. […]

Ruhango: Ingurube yorojwe yatumye asezera ubusambanyi

Umubyeyi worojwe ingurube

Umubyeyi Emeritha Nyirabambari, utuye mu murenge wa Ruhango, arishimira ingurube yorojwe, kuko yamuvanye mu bishuko bibi by’ubusambanyi, akaba asigaye yitunze. […]

A day in the life a chapatti maker

Mukandoli’s secret is being punctual, honest and clean

Every job leads to social development when done with dedication.  This is the case of Fatima Mukandoli, who ventured into […]

The Pants, for every woman’s closet

Whether you love pants or you are not a fan of them but usually look in your closet for trouser […]

Dresses for every woman’s closet

For every woman, even the pants- on- woman or those who love skirts to bits, it is common knowledge that […]

Shocking truths about being a stay-at-home mom

Shocking truths about being a stay-at-home mom

Stay at home parenting is harder than some of us think. In African setting, a woman is supposed to take […]