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Rwanda : Why women fancy high heels

When you see a woman wearing high heeled shoes, the first thing you may think of is how she feels with them. You find that some women love heels and others hate them. We might be falling in the middle here because we all know how much pain they can cause us but we still […]

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Rwanda : How to wear belts

A high waist belt looks great on leaner people-Net photo

Belts are good and useful accessories that can add a new dimension to someone’s wardrobe. They can add an extra polish to someone’s outfit, define her waistline and also add a bit of edge to that someone. However most people do not like belts and sometimes it can be challenging to wear them especially when […]

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Rwanda : What to wear when you are a new mother

After giving birth to that tot, sometimes it becomes a problem for you to choose what to wear, maybe to a party, or go out with your friends, especially when you think of the extra weight that you have gained and other issues associated with giving birth, the breastfeeding and all that. For most moms […]

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Rwanda : How to wear long skirts.

Most of us love wearing mini skirts and this is done for different reasons but a flowy maxi skirt and a dress is one that is so nice especially when one is feeling self conscious or less than herself. As we all know during this season, long skirts are getting back on track and therefore […]

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Rwanda : Short hair, the trendy way to go

A woman’s hair is her crown of glory, because hair is given to her as a covering, even the bible says so. How ever, we see most women preferring to keep their short hair, whether relaxed or natural and still feel comfortable. Most people however relate this to many reasons, some relate it to some […]

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Rwanda : How to look more feminine

It’s every woman’s dream to look feminine though many do not know what to do to achieve that sexy feminine appearance. Here is what you could try for a more feminine you. •    The hair matters; comb or brush your hair to make it look more beautiful. A woman’s hair adds so much to her […]

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Rwanda : Wearing a sweater

Rwanda : Wearing a sweater sweater or a scarf especially if someone has to spend a little more time outside the house. You can be stylish and trendy, even with a sweater on, it all depends on choosing the right one. Look at the pattern of the sweater you are going to wear. With the […]

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Rwanda : Flaunt it with the right outfit

Little black dresses

As we all know, clothings remain very much important items in our lives, depending on different occasions. Cloths come in all sizes, colours and designs, knowing the right outfit for the right occasion is the only thing to bail you out of the many options fashion has to offer. When you consider the tag below, […]

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Rwanda : Choosing the best bra for a comfortable you

Colourful bras

Undergarments are very important items in every woman’s wardrobe though at times it’s a nightmare to choose the perfect ones.  Meanwhile, even the most beautiful outfit can be ruined by a bad bra. On the other hand, the right bra gives all the comfort in the world. Are you not satisfied with your over role […]

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Rwanda | Ngororero: Imihigo yurugo imufasha muri gahunda ziterambere

Ngororero Imihigo y’urugo imufasha muri gahunda z’iterambere

Umugore witwa Mukantabana Claudine utuye mu murenge wa Muhororo mu karere ka Ngororero avuga ko nyuma y’uko hatangiye gahunda y’imihigo y’urugo byamufashije kugera kuri byinshi kuko kugira gahunda y’ibizagenderwaho byatumye abasha kujya yumvikana neza n’umugabo we kugikwiye gukorwa mu rugo rwabo. Ukigera mu rugo rwa Mukantabana n’umugabo we Bicamumpaka Théogene, usanganirwa n’isuku nyinshi guhera mu […]

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Rulindo: Abagore basuzumye aho imihigo bihaye igeze.

Ba mutimawurugo bahuguwe bahagarariye abandi mu mirenge

Tariki 5/10/2015, mu karere ka Rulindo, habaye inama y’abagore basuzuma uko imihigo bahize mu mwaka ihagaze. Inama y’igihugu y’abagore ni […]

All that your work handbag should be about

Durable: A bag you carry everyday needs to be able to last longer than your special occasion pieces. Look for sturdy, […]

Jeannette Kagame stresses on supporting more Rwandan Women

Jeannette Kagame stresses on supporting more Rwandan Women

Rwanda’s First Lady, Jeannette Kagame, is in the United States for serious business. Her tour is largely centered on supporting […]

The essential 2015 earring trends women should own

The essential 2015 earring trends women should own

The year is almost ending but earrings lovers have three months to enjoy the latest trends, after all most of […]

Flattering studs for petite women

Although stud earrings may be worn by anyone, stud earrings work especially well for petite women because they are appropriately […]

Gisagara: Bamwe mu bagore bikuye ku izina ry’abatindi

Bamwe mu bagore bikuye ku izina ry’abatindi

Bamwe mu bagore bo muri Gisagara bahamya ko kuba mu makoperative byatumye bagera ku iterambere, ku buryo batakibarizwa mu cyiciro […]