M embers of the association for Genocide widows (AVEGA-AGAHOZO) in Nyamasheke district vow to try working on projects that create jobs to people and also to working in teams instead of waiting on support from different organizations.

This was after the training they got on the 2nd.Nov.2012 about creation and team work for AVEGA members in Kagano sector.

AVEGA members trained on job creation

The training that was prepared by AVEGA AGAHOZO association in the western province of Rwanda had a mission to encourage AVEGA members to create their own jobs and work in teams to attain long lasting development.

Samuel Don Ntawiheba who works for AVEGA AGAHOZO in the Western Province of Rwanda who is also in charge of projects says that this training was decided upon with the aim of creating confidence among its members and to teach them to work instead of relying on support.

This training was of much importance to the trainees and it made them ready to face the reality, develop confidence, stand up and work to develop themselves as Noella Musabyemaliya the chairperson of AVEGA in Kagano sector explained.

This training was about creating projects that can provide people with jobs and working with financial institutions to acquire loans and being able to pay those loans on time while developing their projects.

Both the trainers and trainees agree on the fact that if the lessons provided in the training could be well followed, the most productive projects can be created, loans be well paid on time and not disrupt people’s business.

This will solve the problem of lack of self-confidence who depend and rely on the support from different organizations instead create in them the spirit of teamwork which was the mission of the training.



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