Youth educated on marriage related issues

Alphonsine Mukarugema, president of Rwanda Women Parliamentarians Forum (FFRP) addressing the gathering.

Alphonsine Mukarugema, president of Rwanda Women Parliamentarians Forum (FFRP) has advised youth to start marriages with clear plans in order to give their children a secure future.

This was on November 6th 2012 during the event to donate to poor women in Burera district.

“Youth present here, marriage is not a joke. It’s not a jump in and out business but you must commit yourselves with a straight plan,” explains FFRP president.

Having a plan includes giving birth to children you are a capable of feeding, educating to university level in order to prevent family conflicts, Mukarugema adds.

Neglect of family planning use has been one of the causes of family disputes in many different parts of Rwanda, resulting into deaths of some women.

Mukarugema reminded youth and married couples that the society needs peaceful homes that have efficient communication on their problems and solve them.

“We cannot develop without embracing government programs like family planning and other development programs,” Mukarugema asserts.

She noted that giving your child the best inheritance is through educating him or her.

Married couples and youth were advised to start peaceful families which are required in the development of Rwanda as a nation.




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