understanding the need of child spacing

Mothers must understand the need for child spacing

Parents have a responsibility to give birth to children they are able to take care of for children to have all their needs provided. Giving birth to children consecutively weakens mothers and restrains children from their rights. 

Most of the mothers in the past Rwandan communities are either nursing or pregnant time after time and worse still without child spacing which creates misunderstandings and lack of harmony in families with their husbands.


This has changed slightly though in the Rwandan societies in towns as well as in rural areas as women understand the concept of family planning and the advantages of giving birth to children one can provide for and one can work for.

Some of the mothers in Kinihira sector in Rulindo district say women in this sector no longer give birth to children for the sake of it but participate in family planning program.

“These days women value their lives’ before a woman weaned a child already pregnant and had no time to take a break from pregnancy and nursing but now things are different” says a mother of four Leocadie Mukamana.

With the economic situation that is rampant in the country especially in Kinihira sector, parents say it is not wise to give birth to many children without property to provide for them. Among the most expensive things needed to raise a child, parents in this sector say it is providing quality education to children.

“Increasing the number of children without increasing the land one owns is a mistake and ignorance” says a mother of three. For mothers to have changed their understanding on child reproduction has increased their economy significantly compared to the a few years ago.

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