M ore men in Rulindo district have embraced a family planning to support their wives in improving social conditions through giving birth to a few children they can afford to raise.

This was revealed by health workers in Rulindo district after over 200 men in Rulindo turned up for vasectomy, a male permanent birth control method.

Rulindo: More men embrace family planning

Jean d’Amour Manirafasha, in charge of health in Rulindo district said men are slowly
embracing family planning compared to previous years

District administration sensitized men to be part of family planning program as a way of helping their wives and improve the family welfare.

Family planning information and services help individuals maintain their overall health and improve family and community health by supporting men and women to have children when their health, financial conditions, and personal situations are optimal.

“Though women outweigh men in responding to the program, men are increasingly embracing it too compared to previous years,” said Jean d’Amour Manirafasha; in charge of health in Rulindo district.

Family planning is the voluntary planning and action taken by individuals to prevent, delay or achieve a pregnancy.

Family Planning (FP) is a national priority for poverty reduction and socioeconomic development of the country.

Fifty two per cent of women in Rwanda use contraceptives; 45 per cent use modern contraceptives, while the 6 per cent use traditional methods, according to the latest Demographic Health Survey report.

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