LETTER: Fatigue the road killer

IT is interesting to read the time and day factors in the fatal traffic accident data, (‘‘Hunter road carnage, Herald 3/6). The early figures might be shift workers going to and from work, some people running late and others fatigued after night shift and not being alert.

The rush to get to work and children to schools in the time frame of 8am and 9am is interesting, as is the 3pm to 5pm period.

Is there a connection between being late because children are not ready to leave home or inflexible working hours, mixed in with peak time traffic?

There could be a solution to all the problems, with better advertising stressing that leaving five minutes early is better than not arriving at all.

Fatigue will always be a killer while people ignore the need to rest and, in the case of night shift workers, be very careful driving home.

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