LETTER: Pollution legacy for our children

WE have recently experienced the most extreme weather events ever known in Australia: the hottest January weather ever recorded in NSW; and floods in Queensland and NSW more extreme than in recorded history. The carbon price has already been responsible for a reduction of 8.6per cent of carbon emissions compared to 2011.

This means that 7.6million tonnes of carbon emissions has been prevented from entering the atmosphere.

The Renewable Energy Target has increased significantly the investment in renewable sources such as solar and wind power.

Carbon pricing has resulted in councils introducing measure to reduce land fill, so that less carbon emissions are going into the atmosphere from rotting garbage.

Do the majority of people in Australia really still want the carbon price system scrapped?

Can we look our children and grandchildren in the eyes and say we had a scheme for reducing carbon pollution, and we abandoned it?

What reasons will we give for abandoning it? Let’s have an updated survey to gauge people’s opinions.

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