LETTER: Postcode hardly worth debating

I FIND it a bit perplexing and sort of amusing that there seems to be an idea that if Lake Macquarie doesn’t have an individual postcode it’s kind of a mysterious and elusive destination that no-one can quite find.

And maybe it’s even Port Macquarie.

As if anyone actually searches out places to visit by postcode listings.

I had no problem when I googled Lake Macquarie on the net in determining its exact geographical location.

Living in a rural area that is often identified as ‘‘about 80 kilometres north of Newcastle’’ for anyone outside the area to get an idea of where I am, I accept that’s just the way it is.

I think it’s a bit parochial to be so concerned over such an irrelevant technicality.

In the same way, Hunter Valley doesn’t have a designated postcode.

Lake Macquarie is exactly the same.

Just enjoy where you live, and don’t sweat the pedantics.

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