LETTER: Religions escape tax contributions

PERHAPS Rewa Bate (‘‘Church records prove tight ship’’ Letters 21/5) should familiarise herself with Australian tax law, which clearly defines ‘‘the advancement of religion’’ as a charitable cause.

This means that any profits made by a religious organisation, whether it be a soup kitchen run by the Salvos, or a multinational cereal company like Sanitarium, are exempt from paying taxes.

Common sense tells us that feeding the homeless and caring for the elderly are indeed charitable causes.

Promoting religious beliefs is not.

Our local councils, which are struggling to repair our roads and provide services to ratepayers, are foregoing millions of dollars in unpaid rates every year on church properties, often prime real estate. So all ratepayers are, in fact, subsidising the advancement of religion.

Which part of ‘‘Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s’’ (Mathew 22:20-22) do these tax avoiders not understand?

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