LETTER: Silt rings alarm bells

THE article “River discharge sought”, (Herald 31/5) should engender alarms along the Hunter River.

The river is already silting as the above picture at Horseshoe Bend, Maitland, shows.

At Weston, Kurri Kurri Landcare has been battling to get the silted heavy metal mining waste and smelter waste removed from Swamp Creek. All to no avail. Nothing has been done.

Where once there were deep pools and few minimal intrusive floods and a much greater water-carrying capacity, now the creek floods dangerously into homes around the Fourth Street bridge.

Numerous flood and catchment studies have been released – in 1992, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2005, 2006, and 2008.

Two contradictory studies were published a day apart in July 2010, and two more diametrically opposed to one another in April and May 2011 would seem to suggest an elaborate scheme to confuse residents at risk.

Residents live in fear of floods in June and February when the east coast lows bring torrential rains.

As far as I am aware not one councillor or council staff member has offered any apology or reason for the unbelievable lack of empathy for people who face this danger.

Is Maitland at risk from mine waste silting? You bet your life it is. Look at the dog wading in the fast-silting river as the sun sets on autumn of 2013.

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