LETTER: Still waiting for council answers 

I ATTENDED the Newcastle council meeting to discuss Stockton caravan park (‘‘Park plan lands on residents’’ Herald 27/5) and am at a complete loss.

A spokeswoman from the council said at the start of the meeting that no questions would be answered on the night – that they would be taken on notice and responded to at a later date. I tried to ask a question regarding the financial ramifications, only to be told to fill out the forms provided. I am still waiting for the response from the council to my questions. I believe the disdain the council has shown to the permanent residents is disgusting, and businesses in Stockton will be losers under the council’s master plan.

Who are these faceless people putting forward these plans? What is the council’s end game?

If they want to be entrepreneurs, they should get out into private enterprise and see how they go. The fact that council had no idea of the financial ramifications of their proposal tells me just one thing. They would fail miserably in the real world.

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