Rwanda : Berthilde Mukakarangwa placing a saucepan full of rice in the warmer

Berthilde Mukakarangwa placing a saucepan full of rice in the warmer

In abid to help them fight poverty, World Vision trained women of Rutare sector in Gicumbi district how to make traditional food warmers among others.

Berthilde Mukakarangwa, who attended the training, told the reporter on November 20th 2012 that making food warmers is among the many things they learnt with the help of World Vision.

Mukakarangwa explains that apart from making food warmers for a living, forming associations and cooperatives for agriculture, craftsmanship and others has led them to social development.

She adds that food warmers have helped women a great deal, since they leave for worker after preparing lunch and come back without rushing to prepare for their families.

Apart from food boxes, women have helped each other build water tanks and to buy buckets for keeping clean drinking water disinfected by sur’eau.

Didasiyana Ahobantegeye, a resident of Nyakavunga village, Kigabiro cell confirms women in Rutare sector formed an association named “ubukwe bw’umukene” (poor man’s party), where they donate food and other home materials to other women.

Donatile Mukangango, coordinator of National Women Council in Rutare sector commends this women’s association for rising up towards achieving social development.

Also, women sensitize couples to hold civil weddings in order to prevent polygamous marriages that bring family property inheritance conflicts.


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