To promote job creation, Rwanda Development Board (RDB) has trained up to 300 women in Gisagara district on self employment and efficient service delivery.

After receiving certificates, women said that they are ready to implement what RDB taught them and fight poverty through job creation.

Women during the training

Women during the training

The participants reveal that they have understood a lot on job creation program and promise to give the best of services in their work.

However, they have not gathered enough confidence to access loans from Sacco’s and set up small income generating projects.

Gaudence Nzamurambaho, one of the participants confesses she learnt about customer care, hygiene and importance of saving, which will help in her local brew business.

The representative of National Women’s Council in Gisagara district, Clemence Gasengayire asserts that there is no doubt that training will improve customer care services in women’s businesses.

Though trained on job creation, trainers do not choose businesses for the trainees but only advises them to create jobs and employ other residents.

Augustin Rwabukayire, RDB worker says “we have no limits, we do not choose for them. We train women to manage well what they chose and are capable of doing by creating jobs, improving customer care and working with the banks for fast development.”

Women were advised to sensitise their fellow women on working with a purpose.


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