Rwanda | Gicumbi: Women make progress in modern agriculture

Women make progress in modern agriculture

A woman operating a ploughing machine

After Gicumbi district embarked on modern agriculture, women have vowed not to lag behind in development by operating ploughing machines.

Daphrose Mukandutiye, a resident of Miyove sector reveals: “we feared at first thinking they are meant for men; however we came to realize that women can operate ploughing machines.”

Using hoes was so tiresome and time consuming, but with machines, a big area of land is dug in a few minutes, she adds.

Women make progress in modern agriculture 2

Another woman farmer tilling the land with a machine

Women say they will continue to use the machines to increase agricultural yields since they do not require much energy.

Jean Chrisostome Nzeyimana, in charge of agriculture in Gicumbi district asserts that training on how to use the machines in digging, watering crops and uprooting Irish potatoes is going on, so that all farmers master the machine use.



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