On December 17th 2012, ‘Right to Play’ trained female youth from all sectors of Rubavu district on information sharing and good governance.

Right To Play is a project committed to improving the lives of Children and to strengthening their communities by translating the Best practices of sport and Play into opportunities to promote development, Health and Peace.

Though Rwanda promotes girl child education and gender rights in every sector, some girls and women still fear to approach concerned authorities fearing consequences.

Right to play cares for female youth in Rubavu district to help them gain confidence in whatever they do and know the importance of good governance.

The beneficiaries say they learnt being confident and discovered their capabilities.

Participants confirm they have gained knowledge about qualities of a leader, being honest, keeping secrets and good character.

It’s in this line that right to play project has decided to help girls to possess good leadership qualities and to extend this activity to sector level to change negative attitudes.



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