Members of Abibumbye cooperative in Kamonyi district admit that working in a cooperative has changed their social lives and the welfare of their families.

Generally cooperatives have changed the well being of people in Kamonyi district says Innocent Habimana the cooperatives regulator in the district.

cooperatives rescue women from poverty

Members of Abibumbye cooperative in tailoring session 

Abibumbye cooperative with about 60 members with majority of women started in 2005 with parents who had children affected by poor nutrition, members worked together and now they have achieved more than they thought possible.

According to the president of Abibumbye cooperative Marie Jeanne Yankurije, all members started doing farming activities especially cultivating vegetables in Kibuza swamp, pineapples and cassava nearby this swamp on the district area.

On the financial support of Medicus Mundi association, Abibumbye cooperative expanded its projects and included animal husbandry and tailoring. The cooperative members made groups with 1/3 of the cooperative members specializing in one project. A third of the cooperative’s profit goes back to the cooperative projects and 2/3 is distributed among members.

Cooperative members engage in cooperative projects 3 days a week and they share the cooperative’s profits annually.

Benilde Mukakarangwa a member of Abibumbye cooperative who specializes in tailoring says her life has changed for the better and her family is thriving after joining the cooperative moiré than before and she has a very good relationship with her husband.

Cansilda Muhimpundu says the cooperative taught her a skill that is tailoring and she no longer begs for a cloth from her husband but now she supports her family and provides for her children.

According to Innocent Habimana the cooperatives regulator in Kamonyi district, working together is the easiest way towards development. Since 2008, the number of cooperatives increased from 50 to 121 and people who are participating in them have taken a big step towards development compared to those who do not.

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