Eugenie Yankurije: The widow who devoted her life to saving Children from Malnutrition

m_The widow who devoted her life to saving Children from Malnutrition

 Eugenie Yankurije with the children that look up to her

Eugenie Yankurije, a widow and mother of three residing in Kayonza District has made commitment to milk from her own cows and feed children suffering from malnutrition.

On Saturday 02/11/2013, Partners in Health recognized her service to the society and rewarded her with yet another cow.

Eugenie Yankurije, a resident of   Rwinyana village in Shyogo cell in Nyamirama sector of Kayonza district was applauded by residents in Nyamirama Sector for her rare commitment, kindness, love and care that she offers to poor children whose health has been weak over poor nutrition.        

She started feeding children suffering from malnutrition when she still had only one cow that provided 6 liters a day.

To Yankurije, this was a limitation, saying 6 liters of milk a day was too little compared to children that needed it.

In Yankurije’s home, there are many children ranging from infants to children about 12 years old and to these children she is a grandmother who is always there to feed them whenever they need it. To their parents, she is a savior that saved their children from malnutrition and kwashiorkor.

Yankurije’s biggest wish was to have enough milk to serve all children and ensure their health is free from Malnutrition.

This wish came true when she was awarded with a cow by Partners in Health. The cow will be supporting the other that she already had and she expects more milk than before.

m_The widow who devoted her life to saving Children from Malnutrition1

Eugenie Yankurije with the cow that provides milk to most children in the village

She narrates that she got the Idea to serve all children in the village with milk from her parents when she was a little girl.

According to Yankurije, her family would share milk among the children which inspired her later to continue doing it. She is said to have continued to serve the children with milk until the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi when all their cows were killed.

She was later given a cow through Girinka Program which was initiated by President Paul Kagame.

She confesses that her need to serve children with milk was fueled by the teachings of the first lady Jeannette Kagame; a teaching that urged every Rwandan to “treat every child as if that child is theirs”.

Yankurije’s project was appreciated by all people in her neighborhood and it is in the same manner that the first Lady Jeannete Kagame sent her a message to congratulate her actions in promoting Children’s health.

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