Ngoma: Women to benefit from “Hanga umurimo” program

Ngoma women during the training on job creation

Women in Ngoma district are set to benefit from “Hanga umurimo” program, an initiative aimed at generating off-farm jobs.

The program focuses the young generation and women because most of them do not easily access loans from financial institutions due to lack of security.

When the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MINICOM) launched the Hanga Umurimo Program (HUP), it aimed at generating jobs that are not farm based; and women were a priority.

 “Hanga umurimo” (create own job) is a government program aimed at sensitizing the Rwandan population to come up with innovative business ideas for job creation.

The program undertakes a countrywide entrepreneurship awareness campaign, identify and train potential entrepreneurs, provide need-based business support services to enable entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into viable enterprises.

It’s in this regard that women were trained on job creation to equip them with vocational skills towards transforming and improving their social-economic conditions.

Alphonsine Nyirahirana, a tailor in Kibungo town narrates: “Training enables women to access bank loans easily because most of them have no guarantee (Security). Hanga umurimo program makes it easier by providing the biggest percentage of the guarantee needed by the financial institution.”

During the training, some women told that the more they are trained the more women are gaining courage to create their own jobs since the program covers bank security for them.

Beside women, men who turned up for the training confirmed that project management skills are important since they didn’t know how to manage their newly born projects.

Some entrepreneurs who have accessed bank loans in “Hanga umurimo” program have flourished in businesses and are employing other residents.

“Hanga umurimo” program is the best way of reducing unemployment if small projects are followed up to become big enterprises.

According to MINICOM, the main objective of HUP is to support a young generation with entrepreneurial mindset that run competitive and innovative enterprises to unlock their potential, starting small and grow big.

The program is in line with Rwanda’s Vision 2020 that targets to create 3.2 million off-farm jobs by 2020 as one of the Vision’s prime goals.

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