Nyagatare women benefit from Land consolidation

Members of CODEAGA, a cooperative for maize growers in Umusaraba village, Gakoma cell, Mimuli sector of Nyagatare district commended land consolidation and said that it has increased productivity.

Before maize growers formed a cooperative, farming was done on an individual basis and yields were low due to unfertile soils.

 “Yields increased after forming a cooperative and consolidated land. Members have attained social and economic development,” said Jean Baptiste Nzasigande, cooperative president.

“I have Rwf57000 savings on my account. I renovated my house and purchased livestock,” disclosed Laurencia Nyiramatama; cooperative member.

“Joining the cooperative enabled me to earn money and help my husband in providing for the family,” revealed Xaverina Kabatesi; another member.

There are two agriculture cooperatives in Umusaraba village, Gakoma cell, Mimuli sector of Nyagatare district. The cooperatives were started with 45 members who consolidated 10 hectares of land and started growing maize.

The Land Use Consolidation is part of strategies and activities carried out under the Crop Intensification Programme (CIP), geared towards increased food production to ensure food security and self-sufficiency.

Through the programme, the government distributes fertilisers and improved seeds to farmers as a way of increasing their production.

Since its introduction in 2007, the programme has played an important role in uplifting the lives of many Rwandans through increased profitability.

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