Women in Ngororero district say that young girls who get pregnant should be helped to take DNA tests to prove the fatherhood of the men who impregnated them.

 Men who are usually accused of the act deny their responsibilities asking for proof and yet having these exams favors few due to the way they are expensive.

Rwanda Women request DNA

During the meeting

This was said on the 22nd.Feb.2012 during the meeting that was meant to prepare for international women’s day on the 8th, March, 2012. People who attended it were given the action plan for a month for women dignity in Rwanda that will start on the 8thmarch to 4thapril2012.

Petronille MUkandekezi the coordinator of National Women Council (NWC) in Ngororero district said that women in this district are still behind in development and also talked about a problem of young girls who get pregnant and then men deny the pregnancy which is very common in this district.

Hodal Patric the representative of NWC asked women in Ngororero district to develop themselves financially and socially and fight against injustices done to them.

In this month, the actions that will be emphasized are visiting widows and soliciting help for them because they are the ones who are mostly affected by poverty and insecurity.

UWERA Solange a worker in the Ministry of Gender and Family promotion (MIGEPROF) reminded people about women’s rights especially those in section called 1325.

This month will have 4 sections that will be emphasized in 4 weeks and these are fighting poor eating habits, promoting women financially, promoting girl child education, and a woman in good governance.

Rwanda will celebrate this international day for the 37th time and for a 100 times worldwide. It will be celebrated at the village level in the whole country and this year’s theme is “Empower women and girls to sustain families”



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