R earing pigs has been the most important decision I have ever made says Felicita Mukeshamungu a resident of Rugarama sector in Burera district. Owning a piggery has lifted her from great misery of poverty and elevated her social and economic welfare.

rearing pigs made me successful- ResidentThis exemplary woman started with one pig of which he bought at Rwf20.000, it grew up and reproduced and now she can pay school fees for her children of which wasn’t possible before, she bought electricity in her house which was just a dream all thanks to this one pig.

One pig gives birth twice in a year and too many piglets the small number being 5 piglets at once and sells one young piglet between Rwf12.000 to Rwf15000.

The money Mukeshimana gets from selling these piglets help her in obtaining what she needs and to take care of her family needs. She is sure that with this pig around and its piglets, she is going to keep developing and reach on a higher step of development.

Apart from rearing pigs, Mukeshamungu also practices modern farming and she is exemplary in her village.

She always gets advice from the Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) to be a successful farmer.





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