Women commend SACCO over social development

Kibilizi sector women in Gisagara District have commended the area SACCO for their social and economic development, after they embraced loans and saving schemes.

Pascasie Nyiraminani, aresident of Kibilizi narrates: “At first I thought no woman can have money and that even if I try I won’t get it. But now, I got Rwf100, 000 loan to start a business after saving for six months in SACCO”

Women in the past had no courage to access loans from small financial institutions like SACCO to start businesses, say residents.

This is evident in the way a few women and girls embraced working and saving culture due to ignorance of some women that thought that financial independence is for men.

23 years old Liberata Uwimana testifies: “I started business at 15 years but could spend the earned money anyhow. Now that I know the importance of saving, I deposit every small amount of money got so that I get capital to start business.”

Patrick Nkundabumviye, treasurer of Terimbere Kibilizi Sacco confirms that women are joining SACCO in big numbers. Nkundabuviye  says that 3000 women had accessed loans by October 2013.

Nkundabumviye stresses: “Women have come to realize the benefits of saving with SACCO and when they get loans, they are likely to pay back than men.”

Out of 6800 SACCO members in Kabilizi, up to 3000 are women and girls.

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