Nyaruguru district recognizes exemplary female leaders

Vestine Niyonsaba (left) as she received her certificate of recognition from MP Christine Muhongayire (center). Photo credit/ Nyaruguru district

Twenty female leaders in Nyaruguru district, Southern Rwanda, have been awarded with certificates of recognition for their exemplary representation of fellow women which has helped the women to make a step towards development.

These women broke the ground in the years after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi as the first female representatives in Nyaruguru district’s grassroots leadership. Today, they are still politically active.

“This certificate is a proof that Nyaruguru district acknowledges my efforts”, said 45-year-old Vestine Niyonsaba, executive secretary of Mbasa cell in Kibeho sector.

“Today, I am proud that thanks to my efforts, fellow women are able to buy clothes for themselves without relying on their husbands, they can feed the family, they can go to banks to ask for loans to run their income-generating projects and they are now aware of different laws that protect women”, she added.

According to Scholastique Muyishimire, coordinator of the National Women’s Council (NWC) in Nyaruguru district, the awards are “a way of thanking these female leaders for their unparalleled efforts as pioneers of women’s emancipation in the district”.

The awards-granting event, Muyishimire added, falls under the NWC’s tenth anniversary commemoration – a national women’s body that has been operational since 2004 a year after it was enacted in Rwanda’s 2003 Constitution as amended to date.

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