Nyabihu: Job creation program commended for improving livelihoods

 Members of “Dufashanye Umurimo” a women cooperative for basket making in Rega cell, Bigogwe sector of Nyabihu district commend a local cooperative for improving their livelihoods.

Women formed a cooperative and started making tie and dye and shopping baskets to earn a living and support their husbands to provide for homes rather than entirely depend on them.

This was revealed when Angela Mukaminani; vice mayor for economic affairs in Nyabihu district visited the women cooperative and recommended them for promoting job creation.

 Nyabihu: Job creation program commended for improving livelihoods

Dufashanye umurimo cooperative members meet to make shopping bags a thing that has improved their social condition

“We have a big market for the products. Whatever we make is sold quickly, earning money for the members,” asserted Esperance Mukobwajana; president of the cooperative.

“I make between 5-7 bags a day and sell between Rwf10, 000-15, 000 each. This gives me Rwf5, 000 profits daily,” narrated Mukarene Nyirabunuma, a member

“I no longer lack anything at home. Making money everyday enables me take care of my needs and my family’s,” added Sarah Mukandutiye; a member.

 Nyabihu: Job creation program commended for improving livelihoods

Esperance Mukobwajana, cooperative president said they aim at achieving sustainable development and job creation promotion

 Dufashanye umurimo cooperative sells its products mainly in Kibuye, Musanze and Ruhengeri districts but aspires to reach international markets.

Nyabihu: Job creation program commended for improving livelihoods

Angela Mukaminani, vice mayor for economic affairs in Nyabihu district said the district will ensure financial support to the cooperative activities

“Dufashanye umurimo” cooperative was started by 18 women who worked from home aiming at fighting poverty.

However, other women joined after realizing the positive impact of making money and help husbands to provide for the home.

The cooperative has over 50 members and its 4 months old.

Forming the cooperative for bag makers comes after the government of Rwanda is sensitizing residents to create off farm jobs as a way to self-reliance.


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