Kayonza: Women for Women beneficiaries making in sop manufacturing

Using appropriate technology women in Kayonza district today can now make beautiful soap bars using local materials.

Women for Women beneficiaries making in sop manufacturing

Women for Women lends its support to empowering Women in the country through a social venture that aims to encourage poor women to create income generating projects.

They believe that innovation will create more work and generate more income for the producers and their families.

Through this project an association of women has learnt the technology of making washing soaps and is now making enough for domestic use and for trade in the future.

 “The soaps made by these women are effective and removes all stains. To the women, this proves any person is capable of creating their own trade using the available goods” said Monica Mukarukwaya, a member of women groups.

Women for Women beneficiaries making in sop manufacturing2

Mukarukwaya says no side effects have been reported so far about the soap making technology that was initiated by one member who knew the impact of pawpaw leaves in stain removal on clothes has been of great help to women in the area.

“We do use the soap we make to wash clothes and dishes and even bathing, the only thing barring accessing markets is the bureau of standards which we have to follow up after having our product in place,” explained Chantal Mukamana, the chairperson of women groups.

Every single woman who is a member of Women Groups in Kayonza district is supported by Women for Women organization.

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