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Rwanda | Ngororero: women urged to be informed about their country

women urged to be informed about their country

Lack of information on what is happening in the country especially knowing laws that govern and protect women is one of the limitations to women in Muhororo sector in Ngororero district towards development programs.  Residents seeking some services at Muhororo Sector Offices in Ngororero District Dative Uwamwiza the executive secretary in the National Women Council […]

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Muhororo: Abagore biyemeje kujya bakurikirana amakuru

Kutamenya amakuru ajyanye n’igihugu ndetse n’ibindi bikorwa ngo ni kimwe mubikidindije abagore bo mu murenge wa Muhororo ho mu karere ka Ngororero muri gahunda y’iterambere. Abagore bo muri uwo murenge bemeza ko kutamenya amakuru ari inzitizi kubintu byinshi bitandukanye maze rimwe na rimwe bagasigara inyuma cyangwa bagasiragira munzego z’ubuyobozi bashaka ibintu batari buhabone kandi bagombye […]

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A day in the life a chapatti maker

Mukandoli’s secret is being punctual, honest and clean

Every job leads to social development when done with dedication.  This is the case of Fatima Mukandoli, who ventured into […]

The Pants, for every woman’s closet

Whether you love pants or you are not a fan of them but usually look in your closet for trouser […]

Dresses for every woman’s closet

For every woman, even the pants- on- woman or those who love skirts to bits, it is common knowledge that […]

Shocking truths about being a stay-at-home mom

Shocking truths about being a stay-at-home mom

Stay at home parenting is harder than some of us think. In African setting, a woman is supposed to take […]

The Skirts, every woman ought to have

For most women, they will either go full on dress or stick to pants and therefore skirts are out of […]

Trendy and fashionable outerwear for the cold weather

It is really cold out here and probably it will be throughout this month, next month and even early 2016 […]