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Rwanda | Ngororero: women urged to be informed about their country

women urged to be informed about their country

Lack of information on what is happening in the country especially knowing laws that govern and protect women is one of the limitations to women in Muhororo sector in Ngororero district towards development programs.  Residents seeking some services at Muhororo Sector Offices in Ngororero District Dative Uwamwiza the executive secretary in the National Women Council […]

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Muhororo: Abagore biyemeje kujya bakurikirana amakuru

Kutamenya amakuru ajyanye n’igihugu ndetse n’ibindi bikorwa ngo ni kimwe mubikidindije abagore bo mu murenge wa Muhororo ho mu karere ka Ngororero muri gahunda y’iterambere. Abagore bo muri uwo murenge bemeza ko kutamenya amakuru ari inzitizi kubintu byinshi bitandukanye maze rimwe na rimwe bagasigara inyuma cyangwa bagasiragira munzego z’ubuyobozi bashaka ibintu batari buhabone kandi bagombye […]

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Rwanda: adopting a healthy lifestyle, one way to avoid illness

Rwanda adopting a healthy lifestyle,

We have all heard that with weight loss, one has to have a healthy lifestyle, a difficult exercise to maintain but also possible and efficient if one is determined. A healthy lifestyle is created and obviously combined with exercise with exercising program, the weight loss you have always desired and put on hold can be […]

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Rwanda: Are you deprived of your sleep?

Rwanda: Are you deprived of your sleep?

With the kind of lifestyle many Rwandans live these days; balancing work, families, education and finances, a lot of people that do not get the amount of sleep they need each night. And to many it becomes difficult for them to get up early in the morning and sometimes feel sluggish throughout the day and […]

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Rwanda: Should you take your toddler to a day care?

Rwanda Should you take your toddler

Many mothers out there are struggling to balance everything in life and that is to say work, home, kids, finances, husbands, boyfriends, and many others and many are affected by the guilt each morning you leave your toddler at home or in a day care. Parenting is a full time job no matter what you […]

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Rwanda: The best earrings according to your face

The type of the earrings worn in Rwanda make most women look amazing and gorgeous but sometime messed up due to lacking basic rules on sweet able styles for an individual. Once you know these basics, stick with them, and you will ensure you always look your best. The following is the best earring look […]

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Rwanda : Ntabwo wakwiyubaka uhora uhekenya amenyo


Aya magambo ni amwe mu akubiye mu kiganiro Dr. Jean Pierre Dusingizemungu, umuyobozi wa Ibuka mu Rwanda, yagiriye abari muri Kongere ya AVEGA yabereye mu Karere ka Huye kuwa 2 Kanama 2012. Muri iki kiganiro, Dr. Dusingizemungu yagiriye abanyamuryango ba AVEGA inama yo kudaheranwa n’agahinda, ahubwo bagaharanira kubaho, bagakora ibikorwa bibateza imbere ngo batazavaho basigara […]

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Rwanda : AVEGA-Intara yamajyepfo, yakoze kongere ya 6

AVEGA-Intara y’amajyepfo, yakoze kongere ya 6

Ku itariki ya 2 Kanama,2012 abanyamuryango b’umuryango w’abapfakazi ba jenoside (AVEGA Agahozo) bahagarariye abandi mu Ntara y’amajyepfo, bahuriye muri kongere ya 6 yateraniye mu Karere ka Huye. Mu mibare yagaragajwe, abanyamuryango ba AVEGA Agahozo mu Ntara y’Amajyepfo ni 9825. Imfubyi za jenoside muri iyi Ntara ni 36961 kandi 988 muri bo barirera. Abacitse ku icumu […]

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Rwanda : AVEGA members cautioned on helping orphans

AVEGA members cautioned on helping orphans

AVEGA members were asked to take care of orphans and the aged people in their community. This was said during the 6 congress of AVEGA members that was held in Butare town on the 2nd.Aug.2012. Among the genocide widows, there are those who lost their children and husbands without anyone to care upon them and […]

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Rwanda : Abanyamuryango ba AVEGA barasabwa kwita ku mfubyi, inshike n abasaza

Iki cyifuzo cyagarutsweho

Iki cyifuzo cyagarutsweho n’abagiye bafata ijambo muri Kongere ya 6 ya AVEGA yabereye mu mujyi wa Butare kuri uyu wa 2 Kamena,2012. Nk’uko byagaragajwe, mu bapfakazi ba jenoside harimo ab’inshike batagira ubitaho, abenshi muri bo kandi bakaba bagenda basaza, ku buryo usanga nta mbaraga zo gukora bagifite. Jean de Dieu Udahemuka wari waje muri iyi […]

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How gift of animals can help lift families out of poverty

Emerithe Nyirabambari’s story is heartbreaking, but among the millions of Rwandans who are poor today, her story is not unique. […]

Ruhango: Ingurube yorojwe yatumye asezera ubusambanyi

Umubyeyi worojwe ingurube

Umubyeyi Emeritha Nyirabambari, utuye mu murenge wa Ruhango, arishimira ingurube yorojwe, kuko yamuvanye mu bishuko bibi by’ubusambanyi, akaba asigaye yitunze. […]

A day in the life a chapatti maker

Mukandoli’s secret is being punctual, honest and clean

Every job leads to social development when done with dedication.  This is the case of Fatima Mukandoli, who ventured into […]

The Pants, for every woman’s closet

Whether you love pants or you are not a fan of them but usually look in your closet for trouser […]

Dresses for every woman’s closet

For every woman, even the pants- on- woman or those who love skirts to bits, it is common knowledge that […]

Shocking truths about being a stay-at-home mom

Shocking truths about being a stay-at-home mom

Stay at home parenting is harder than some of us think. In African setting, a woman is supposed to take […]