Rwanda : Best dress for different body shapes and sizes

If you are considering of adding an item in your wardrobe, you may need to think of full length Maxi dresses which are trendy and can suit your body shape whether wide, skinny or short.

With careful selection of styles and fashion accessories, every woman can feel feminine and glamorous in a maxi dress.


Best dress for different body shapes and sizes

  • There are some of the rules to follow while selecting such dresses and below are ways to make a better selection.
  • Buy a style with the right length for your height. Very long hemlines can take inches off your height so make sure you get the right length to flatter your figure.

Best dress for different body shapes and sizes

  • Choose heels which will give you enough height to make you look feminine and glamorous not lumpy and large. Patent platforms and wedge heels are great for this season.
  • Dress them up with oversized bags, large shades and a headscarf for a real celebrity look.
  • You can accessorize them with long, chunky jewelry and a hat or embellished headband.

Best dress for different body shapes and sizes

  • If you are conscious about your stomach, consider your waist line as the dress focuses on the breasts with the fabric falling from just beneath them. The flowing skirt acts as a tent without hiding your entire figure.

Best dress for different body shapes and sizes

  • Make sure your maxi dress skims rather than clings to you, if you are big breasted or fat and you’re trying to hide flab.

Best dress for different body shapes and sizes

  • You can avoid being swamped by your long, full skirt by adding a fitted waistcoat on the top or cropped cardigan will do the trick. Alternatively choose a short fitted jacket.
  • Over accessorizing a flowing maxi with a belt ruins the line of the dress.
  • You can wear it casually like while shopping, to work or for an evening out in Kigali town.






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