Soya is a very rich and nutritious crop compared to other dry vegetables and it is capable of healing and preventing some diseases and a person can eat as much as he/she wants.

Rwanda | Fresh Soya from the harvest

Fresh Soya from the harvest

In the discussion with Dr. Fred Muhairwe the director of Byumba hospital in Gicumbi district, he said that Soya is both food and medicine and he explained that the good thing about soya, it does not have cholesterol that causes fat which is the causes of blood pressure diseases and others.

Soya as food, Dr. Fred Muhairwe said that soya is nutritious and can be of great help to people eating badly and malnourished children, it is very rich in body building than meat, it has much calcium than milk and has Vitamins B1, B2, and B6 more than eggs.

Soya lacks vitamin C and vitamin A and it is capable of reducing fatty acids in the body and it increases mineral salts in the body mainly to the old. Soya also lacks sodium which retains water in the body and that is why soya should be given to people with heart problems and it is good for digestion as it has alimentary fibers.

Soya has nutrients that fight diseases as it makes cells that make cancer dysfunctional.

Dr. Fred Muhairwe said that for women eating soya or its products most of the times balances the hormones in their bodies and is good for good functioning of their bodies.

“It is good for women with breast cancer or those who want to protect themselves from breast cancer and it ensures regular flow of a woman’s menstruation period before menopause and regulates the problems caused by menopause” says Dr. Fred Muhairwe.


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