O netime I was traveling from Kampala on a jaguar coach, and there was this young lady who kept removing her makeup kit and kept applying lip balm, and powder on her face and then combing her hair. It looked somehow annoying and irritating at first but then I came to realize how every woman here in Rwanda can not do with out make up on their faces and what a big part it played on everyone’s beauty except me if I should say.

Makeup has been and will always be an essential to every woman except for those who really have a bad attitude on the whole thing.

In this era, a woman moving out of the house with out any sign of cosmetics or makeup on her face is regarded as on who doesn’t take care of herself and her general appearance by many. It is no longer a city thing to apply make up for women but also the rural women have adopted this idea so as to keep looking beautiful at all times.

Many women claim that wearing make up makes them feel good, beautiful in general but there are those who wear it because of the pressure that they face from their fellow women say at work, school and at any other place where they may be. Whatever case it might be, every woman has to keep to modernity as most claim, and therefore most can not do without makeup though others do wear it due to many other different reason.

Some women do choose to wear make up because of the role it plays in covering up some things on their faces. Make up serves as a brightener on the face and it does camouflage blemishes on the face, the visible pores, pimples and scars that someone might have. As such women with such issues, find their only remedy in wearing make up.

Since the first thing every one notices on a woman is her face, make up has acted as a very good confidence booster in most women. They do wear it with claims of it giving them confidence to stand through everyday. If make up is applied skillfully, then a woman with low confidence is able to move out ready for whatever may happen during the day. Make up acts as a natural self confidence booster in this case.

The other reason why most women can not do without make up is that it enhances their natural beauty and also their physical alluring. One may have beautiful lips but she feels she will look more beautiful with lipstick on them and sexier. Not many love wearing lipsticks for example but few will go out without a lip gloss on the lips for that reason.

Having known how essential makeup is for every Rwandan woman, there is a need to know what then every woman should include in her make up bag or “toilette bags” as they are referred to.

Foundation is one item of makeup that should not miss in anyone’s make up bag. Should be a good one though this does not mean it must be expensive. You could use the likes of mac, cover girl queen collection, fashion fair, all these according to one’s choice and ability to buy such.

Add some assorted lip glosses. With a mixture of different colors of lip gloss, one would create different looks every now and then.

Black and brown eyeliners should never miss in your makeup bag, mascara, a concealer which will help you look refreshed at all times, powder, eye shadow, a mirror of course, lipstick, eye pencils black and brown, among others.




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