Women purchase home

Some of the women from a group called “Ibimina” after winning in a sharing of getting money and also keeping it and lending money. This helped them get a chance of getting the home essentials. 

This sharing of the money helps family members get loans especially those ones that can use the money and get a profit, in businesses, farming, and also people who want to solve problems of their children’s school fees and also problems of sickness.

Josephine Urusaro, a member of a group Dusasirane in Muganza cell in Runda sector, says she started a business of selling beans in markets after getting money from the group. She says she got 10000Rwf which she used to buy beans and after one month she paid the money back plus an interest of 5% and also the capital she is still using up to now.

Jeanne Nishimwe in another group called “Twisungane babyeyi”in Buguri cell, Rikoma sector says that “being in this group helps her lot especially if she wants to buy cloths, and also helping her husband on the issue of school fees. She adds on that whenever they have a problem of school fees for their child she talks to her husband, and then gets a loan from the group.”

Nishimwe says these groups have helped people with big problems that may lead to selling their livestock at a low price, since they may not have anywhere to turn to. She adds on that she never gets such problems since in their group after sharing the money she can always solve them, and at the end of the sharing the groups’ money is already in the box for the year.

In these groups they put a share of money that is supposed to be paid on each day agreed upon, and a fine is put for people who do not pay the money or miss the day they are supposed to pay it.

When you join a group you have to do everything possible to see that when the day of sharing gets you will not have to miss on the sharing of the money and then get a punishment. As such, every individual is supposed to get something from which she can get money at least to pay to their groups.

Consulate Mukakarisa a resident in Masaka cell, in Rugarika sector, and a member in about 4 groups says that the shares she is supposed to pay mount to about 6500Rwf per month.

“To get this money I sell cassava and also buy bananas from which I get the local beer that I sell ,but I still do my house cores, “says Mukakarisa, adding on that since she is a widow her home has to see some development.





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