Nyiracumi was impregnated at a young age of 19 years during her secondary school, after the man who made her pregnant denied her pregnancy and her family turned their back on her she moved on with her life and developed herself.

Nyiracumi a resident of Muhanga district told her life story on the 11th.Oct.2012 during the celebrations of the International Girls Day which was prepared by the Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) in Muhanga district.

The woman who is a mother of twins says that she was impregnated by a man who used to give her money claiming to love her so much. After getting pregnant, she was sent away from school and mistreated by her family.

“It became a nightmare after I gave birth, no one would hold my child instead they called them bastards and mistreated them. The money who used to say he loved me so much couldn’t stand my pregnancy and denied it and run away, up to now I have never seen him since.” she recalls.

With many problems and the lives of her twins on her head, she joined ‘Ibyiringiro’ Club where she got hope and courage to work and feed her children. She says that no any circumstance will she ever consider giving her children back to their biological father who denied them from the beginning up to now he has never looked back for them.

There were other young girls who were appreciated by YWCA and among others include young girls who lead child head families and do it better. Some of those children headed families ever since they were only 11 years and took care of their siblings through life and achieved so much.


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