M any mothers out there are struggling to balance everything in life and that is to say work, home, kids, finances, husbands, boyfriends, and many others and many are affected by the guilt each morning you leave your toddler at home or in a day care.

Rwanda Should you take your toddler

Parenting is a full time job no matter what you do and it is never easy. Even being a stay at home mum won’t help taking care of your children, cleaning the house, cooking the meals, and you most are wondering if the best option would be taking the kid to daycare with the introduction of so many in Kigali city though they are costly.

The decision automatically has both positive side and negative side and it will entirely be yours but here are the factors that you should put into consideration before deciding if you should stay at home with your toddler or leave him with the maid or take him to the daycare.

Daycares will provide your child with the opportunity to be in touch with other children, play different games to be taught by the trained and experienced staff that knows what to expect and how to deal with them. Children in daycares acquire social skills and comfort in social situations, they learn how to assert themselves in crowds and be better prepared for school when it comes along.

Children in daycares get less care; they usually get contagious diseases due to being many and socializing with others, they sometimes learn bad behaviours from each other, develop attachment issues, they safety is not guaranteed and for sure No one can take care for your child just like you and the change in places can stress out your toddler.

A child who stays at home with the mother has a chance be less stressed and not aggressive, there is actual parental nurturing all day long, much child and mother bonding time and children receive all the love and attention that they need for their growth and happiness hence good childhood.

They are however affected by Loneliness through boredom and frustration with day to day life.  For a parent to provide enough social stimulation for your growing toddler can be a challenge; the child may grow extremely attached to you necessitating you to put your career on hold to take care of them and which would be extremely difficult during school age.

Ultimately, this is your life. As a parent, you need to decide what is best for you and your child but with this era where children are most of the times in the company of maids as the mother has to work to support the family, daycares might be our solution.



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