As mothers, we all know how worrying it is when you get called by a school that your child is sick and we also know how impatient a child grows when you make him/her stay at home because of sickness.

When you don’t have to take your child to school

Sometimes as a parent you decide to let the child go to school hoping the company of her friends will do her good even when she is not doing well. But there are signs you should heed and let your child stay at home even if she seems well. Trust your ‘mom instinct.


  • ·         Running Nose, Coughing, Congestion; if your child has all of these symptoms or just one, Keep him home. If he has fever and joint aches it is safer to let the child stay at home till you’re sure of his sickness and to send him back to class three days when the symptoms have subsided and the fever is broken.


  • ·         Sore Throat; if it really hurts him to swallow, even if there’s no fever, let the child stay at home and take him to the doctor and he can go back to school when the pain is no more and at least after 2 days.



  • ·         Earache; Keep him home if the child has pain in the ear and the pain is so bad that it wakes him up at night or cries a lot. He may need to see the doctor, but since ear infections aren’t contagious, it’s fine to send him back to school as soon as he starts to feel better.


  • ·         Vomiting or Diarrhea; let the child stay at home if he either of these symptoms, because they are contagious. It is safe for him and his school mates when these symptoms subside and he is feeling better.



  • ·         Rash, if he has unusual or severe rash.  Many viruses and some bacteria can cause a rash. Take him to the doctor to determine if it’s contagious and for how long.


  • ·         Eye Infection; Keep him home if his eyes look pink, reddish or there’s discharge and they could be very contagious. He can head back to school after he’s been using prescription to the kind of eyes at least after 2 or more days.

It is the duty of every parent to keep our children and their environment safe and in a way of protecting other children, keep your child from joining them when he is sick to avoid passing the disease over to others.

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