MP Mukayijore asked women in Rulindo to get loans and start small income generating projects

MP Mukayijore asked women in Rulindo to get loans and start small income generating projects

Women in Rulindo district have been urged to be confident and work with financial institutions for sustainable development.

The call was made during the meeting between women members of parliament and women in Rulindo district.

Some women revealed that ignorance and lack of confidence is a stumbling block to women development in rural areas of Rwanda.

In addition, some have negative thinking that applying for bank loans should be done by men not women.

MP Suzanne Mukayijore, Deputy Chairperson on the Committee on Agriculture, Livestock and Environment in the lower chamberurged women to get loans and seek advice from women parliamentarians if necessary.

“There are banks and Business Development Fund in this district. Grab the opportunity and work hard for social and economic development,” She said.

Mukayijore promised support to Rulindo women on the matters of accessing loans for development activities.

Business Development Fund (BDF) allows every Rwandan, who has a good business plan but no collateral, to access loans. BDF covers 75 percent of the collateral allowing the customer to pay 25 percent before getting accessing the bank loan.

This increases the number of Small and Medium Enterprises in the country and lowers unemployment rate and increasing wealth with the aim of enhancing lending mechanisms of financial institutions to private as well as public clients.

We believe that this initiative will add to the number of SME’s in the country, lowering the unemployment

BDF functions as a bridge between loan providers and entrepreneurs looking for financing.

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