We have all heard that with weight loss, one has to have a healthy lifestyle, a difficult exercise to maintain but also possible and efficient if one is determined.

A healthy lifestyle is created and obviously combined with exercise with exercising program, the weight loss you have always desired and put on hold can be achieved as long as you are motivated enough to make it happen.


Rwanda adopting a healthy lifestyle,

A healthy meal

 Healthy lifestyle actually starts when you decide to plan out on healthy meals and the diet you want to follow. Most of the time, people shop randomly at the grocery store in the market and this makes it very difficult to start eating healthier.

Sit down one day and plan out breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next one or two weeks and buy exactly what you need and have planned when you go to the grocery store. Not only will this help with getting healthier, it’ll also save you some money.

While planning out your healthier meals, it is important to consider a few things like calories, fat, sugars which are usually many in processed foods so be warned. This is possible if you buy fresh foods, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and eat homemade meals.

Even with the healthiest of foods can make you fat if you eat too much so take the right amount.  Portion size should be enough to fill you up without being too much, but also remember that much of your portion should be fruits and vegetables, or things like rice that aren’t terribly high in fat.

Beverages can also make a big difference in your healthy lifestyle as well. Sodas are incredibly high in calories and sugar, so cutting down on the frequency you drink them or even eliminating them entirely is a very good idea.

Try taking some healthier drinks like green tea or just water and you’ll be amazed how much it helps. The amount of water you drink in a day is also worth considering because it can make a big impact on everything. Staying hydrated will help with any kind of exercise routine you are on, plus it’ll keep you from feeling nearly as hungry, which will cut down on your portion sizes substantially.

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