G irls and women have been advised to learn and train in different arts and crafts or technical skills instead of seeking cheap and highly risky money from prostitution, according to Alice Mukashyaka a woman who stopped her profession of prostitution in Kayonza District.

Alice Mukashyaka

Alice Mukashyaka

Mukashyaka said that most of the young girls she met through prostitution joined it because of difficult financial situation which forced them to do the only thing they could to make easy money.

She explained that though young girls get in prostitution in the search of money but ends up with no money and instead risk their lives.

She gives an example of herself because in the 7 years she spent in prostitution, she never got money from it but instead risks of getting AIDS, Sexual Transmitted Diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

She advised young girls and even women who think of prostitution as an opportunity to get money not to think of it as an option in life but to learn a skill that can support them through life and not to risk their lives looking for fast riches they will never get to acquire.

The 30 year old Mukashyaka is now moving around all sectors of Kayonza district advising women and girls who are doing prostitution to leave it. She is doing that with the help of organizations that fight HIV/AIDS in Rwanda which had trained her before making a decision to get out of prostitution.



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